Lavender Large Paw Print Wax Melts
Lavender Large Paw Print Wax Melts
Lavender Large Paw Print Wax Melts
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Lavender Large Paw Print Wax Melts

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Most people have had a cat or dog at one time in their lives. We love our fur babies don't we?

These would make a lovely gift for cat or dog owners or indeed anyone who loves their furry pets.

Our products are safe to burn around pets as they are made from 100% natural soy wax.

The paw prints come as:

  • 2 Large Paw Prints in a bag

A simple yet strong lavender accord is enhanced by cool top notes of fresh eucalyptus leaves and soft bergamot pith. Warm notes of patchouli and sweet tonka are in the heart while the base is rich and constant with soft moss and woody musks.

Each heart contains pieces of dried lavender grown by us.

You only need half of a large paw print at a time in your wax burner and this should give you at least 10 hours of fragrance.

The beauty of fragrance is that it evokes memories and is great for relaxation.

- We are fully insured and CLP compliant
- Eco-friendly natural 100% Soy Wax
- All our wax melts are made using cruelty-free professional-grade fragrance oil
- Hand-poured with love in Devon
- Item weighs approximately 58g
- May produce an allergic reaction.

Thank you for stopping by xx

P.S The angel wings are NOT included! They are for decorative purposes only.

Also because we hand pour every product individually, the colour and glitter may vary from the image shown.

Because every item is handmade and unique, you may from time to time see white patches on your melts and bars. This is called 'frosting' and is totally natural and does not affect the beauty of the fragrance.

Not for human consumption. Please keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Disclaimer: Some of our fragrances smell similar to designer brands. We are in no way affiliated with these brands and should not be confused with the originals. All trademarks and copyrights are rightful property of the respective designers and manufacturers.