Wholesale Wax Melts

wholesale wax melts

Wholesale Soy Wax Melts from Angelic Scents

Wax melts have become so popular in recent years that we are proud to now offer several of our gorgeous products on a wholesale basis.

We currently have our soy wax melts in several retail outlets and are looking to bring on more during 2024, so if you are looking for wax melt wholesale suppliers you have come to the right place!

If you own a florist, hair salon, beauty salon, gift shop or any other business which you feel may well benefit from having our wax melts on sale, then please get in touch.

Not only are they a nice little additional revenue stream for your business, due to their popularity, but they also make for a great conversation starter! - "Have you seen our latest wax melts?" They are also a great impulse buy for many people too. The repeat business is also very good, (currently running at 50%) which will bring customers back into your store.

We offer either branded (our logo) or unbranded products.

We have over 60 scents to choose from with new ones added on a regular basis so there is always something new to offer your customers. See our full list of scent descriptions HERE

We also have a Wax Melt Sample Box if you want to see what we are all about. Find out more Here

We have built a strong reputation for a high quality product with long lasting scent. We have a 5 star rating with over 7000 reviews on our Etsy shop alone.

As a wholesale customer you have the beauty of setting your own prices.

Our minimum order is just £100 plus shipping. If you would like free shipping, our minimum order is £200.

We normally only supply wholesale within the UK but if you are outside the UK please feel free to contact us to see if we can help.

We pride ourselves on being transparent so here are our prices.

  • Snap Bars (50g in cello bags) - £1.75 each (minimum of 3 snap bars per scent) RRP - Approx £3.50 - available in all of our scents.
  • Snap Bar Starter Pack - Our Top 30 Bestsellers (30 single snap bars) - £65 plus shipping - Get your starter pack here
  • NEW - Carpet Freshener 100g Bags - £1.60 each (minimum of 10 bags per scent)
  • Simmering Granules 50g bag - £0.99 (minimum of 3 bags per scent) RRP - Approx £2.00 - available in 17 different scents (see below)
  • Simmering Granules 100g bag - £1.99 (minimum of 3 bags per scent) RRP - Approx £3.00 - available in 17 different scents (see below)

  • Every product by law, has to have a Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation label on it. The CLP Regulation ensures that any hazards presented by chemicals are clearly communicated to consumers in the UK and the European Union through classification and labelling of chemicalsWe supply the CLP on the rear of the product packaging as we are the manufacturer and you have the choice of having our logo labels on the front of each item or we can supply them with no logo label on them so that you can provide your own branding.

    We can also supply the snap bars with lilac coloured bows on the front of the packaging at an additional £2.50 for 50 bows.

    We also ask for a lead in time of 7-10 working days to put orders together. However, quite often (depending on stock levels) we are able to send them out a lot quicker!

    These prices are inclusive of VAT.

    Email us at angelicscentsuk@gmail.com to find out more or to place an order

    What is your minimum order quantity?

    Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is £100 plus shipping (charge worked out at time of order). Free delivery on all orders over £20. A proforma invoice will be raised before working on your order. Once payment is received we will start putting your order together. Paypals Goods and Services system or bank transfer are accepted payment methods.

    Why use Angelic Scents as your wax melt wholesale supplier

    We have a reputation for strongly scented wax melts with an amazing cold and warm scent throw, that your customers will love. Over 50% of our customers come back to us to buy again. We are trusted by over 7500+ customers to fill their homes with our beautiful aromas. We hand pour all our products in Devon. All our products are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

    What are your wax melts made from?

    We use only 100% natural, luxury soy wax and top quality fragrance oils. We use the highest fragrance percentage legally permitted to ensure our wax melts are strongly scented. We list all allergens and are CLP compliant. 

    Available scents for Discs and Granules

    Simmering Granules - available in Alien Invasion, Candy Cloud Soak, Dark Opium, Fleecy Towels, French Vanilla, Lady Millionaire, La Vee A Bell, Lemon & Lavender, Marshmallow & Scottish Raspberries, Nag Champa, Olympea, Pixie Dust, Plum & Rhubarb, Snow Angel, Spring Awakening, White Dove, Wild Savage.

    Carpet Freshener - available in Baby Powder, Caring Freshness, Cherry Blossom, Fresh Laundry, Frosted Eucalyptus, Honeysuckle & Sandalwood, Sauvizante Spa, Snow Angel, Spring Awakening.

    Snap Bars Example

    wax melt snap bars

    Carpet Freshener 100g

    Simmering Granules

    simmering granules


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