How to make your room smell good

home fragrance tips how to make your room smell good

How to make your room smell good.

They say that home is where the heart is. However, having just endured 2 years of Covid and lockdowns, many people have found that spending a lot of time at home has given them time to think.

Working form home and furlough has made people notice their homes more and how they can maybe improve their surroundings.

For some that can mean expensive house makeovers but for many, they just want a nicer ambience to spend long hours in.

And that is where wax melts can play a part.

Whilst, over the years, candles have been the go-to for people wanting to make their rooms smell nice, the rise in popularity of wax melts over the last 2 years has been meteoric and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Home fragrance has been catapulted into the mainstream.

Most handmade wax melts (ours included) are made from soy wax or cocnut and rapeseed wax. These are completely natural sources unlike the well known Yankee and Scentsy Candles and many of the cheap shop-bought ones which use paraffin wax.

Paraffin wax is quite smoky and gives off toxins into the atmosphere - not good for you or the environment!

Not only that, but soy wax is vegan friendly too.

So, what are wax melts?

In a nutshell, wax melts are basically wickless candles. They come in many different shapes and sizes although the most popular are called snap bars which look like a bar of chocolate!

You simply snap a piece off the bar, pop it in a wax burner, light a tealight in the burner and watch the wax melt. The smell will build as it melts and should last for many hours.

With so many different fragrances to choose from, you can have your home smelling of laundry inspired aromas, perfume inspired, fruity, natural smells and many more besides.

We have over 50 different fragrances in our range with more being launched every month. You can see our wax melt snap bars HERE

Other forms of home fragrance

Alongside wax melts, there are other forms of home fragrance. Reed Diffusers and Room Sprays have become quite popular as well. So much so, that we are launching our own range in March 2022.

With reed diffusers you have the luxury of just unpacking them, dipping the reeds in the fragrance oil and walking away whereas, wax melts have to be kept under observation! If you leave the room for any length of time it makes sense to blow out the tealight.

Room sprays can be used for a short sharp shot of fragrance. Let's say your mother in law phones and says she is coming over this morning! A quick squirt of the room spray covers any remnants of the dog or last nights takeway!!

With all these methods, there are no longer any excuses for not having a room that smells good.

If you like to shop on Etsy we also have a shop there too!



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